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Up In Arms


Note From The Author

We all have a first, and Up In Arms is ours.

Up In Arms is a story of a love that grabs you and holds you still until you’ve done whatever it takes to make it last forever. A deep, soul touching love, inspired by our Facebook role-play days. Those were great days, but a story for another time. <3

We never intended to publish Up In Arms, but as the role-play experience ended, we needed to commit our characters’ journey to paper. At the time, those were lofty goals for two people who knew absolutely nothing about writing a book or thriving in the publishing world.

We enlisted the help of authors, editor-friends, role-players and critique groups. Advice flowed freely. We received a crash course in writing style, pacing, point-of-view, and dialogue. Serious effort was made to incorporate everything we learned back into Up In Arms. Eventually, all the well-meaning advice began to contradict itself and the learning curve left us confused and frustrated…and with a story that wasn’t ours.

But it was from that confusion and frustration that we learned to write with our hearts, to let our characters lead the way. If you look closely at Up In Arms, you might even see where we began to find our own voice. Since then, we’ve followed our hearts and have loved the evolution of developing our characters into who they are today.

We’ve always viewed this Kindle Alexander world as a team effort and given credit to every professional, friend, and reader who’s ever opened one of our books. There’s no way you’ll know the depth of gratitude we hold for each and every one of you. Thank you for reading our books, loving the characters, and staying with us through the years.


Reed Kensington, self-made millionaire, ruthless attorney, and handsome playboy has the perfect

life…just ask him. Which is why he’s surprised when a chance encounter at his baby brother’s wedding makes him cross-exam his plans for his future.

Trevor West loves his friends and his life in the military as a special ops team member. Though he longs to find a special someone, he refuses to jeopardize his career on something as elusive as love. Until he meets Reed, and the desires running through him threaten his hard-fought self-control.

When a dangerous mission blows their world apart, Reed doesn’t let anything stop him from jumping in. But can he convince Trevor that they belong together…that he deserves a chance at love?

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“This story played my emotions like a beautiful piece of music. It was released back in 2012 and redone now. This time being my only time reading it. It was beautiful.”

Joy Avery Reviews

From the first paragraph to the last, Kindle Alexander commanded my attention, which I wholeheartedly gave. This book has and will ALWAYS be my favourite.

Ms Diva, Amazon Reviewer



With a glance over his shoulder, he lifted and shook his empty longneck bottle, signaling to the bartender for another. As he turned back to the crowd, his gaze collided with Rylie’s older brother, who took a seat at the opposite side of the small L-shaped bar.

Butterflies flitted in his stomach, his heart did a quick nosedive, and all he could manage was a slight nod in Reed Kensington’s direction. For the second time that evening and the first in years, Trevor realized there may be someone on the planet better-looking than Brody. Outside of the pictures inside Rylie’s apartment, where he and Brody were staying this weekend, Trevor had only seen Reed once before, years ago, at their graduation from basic training.

Reed stood slightly taller than Rylie. His blond hair, emerald-green eyes, suntanned skin, and broad shoulders were impressive all on their own, even before throwing in all those movie-star good looks. While Rylie looked a lot like his brother, he had a more serious, harder edge to him, where Reed was just smooth and captivating.

Now, seeing the guy in person, Trevor realized he’d missed Reed’s best feature: the most perfectly formed lips he’d ever seen. Reed’s lips were the sexiest part about him, which seemed an odd thing to think since the guy was so very good-looking. But those lips were full and thick, spreading easily into a wide, sexy crooked grin. Trevor forced his eyes away and turned fully back in his seat toward the crowd.

“Trevor West, right?” Reed said, extending a hand across the bar toward him, drawing his attention back to the man.

“That’s right. And you’re Reed, Rylie’s brother. I’ve seen your pictures. Nice to meet you.” Trevor gave a firm, quick handshake, surprised that Reed would remember him.

He did make eye contact, but under the intensity of Reed’s green stare, he quickly averted his gaze. Rylie talked about how smooth his brother could be, how shrewdly he handled himself, winning his cases and moving quickly up the ladder. Face-to-face with that devilish smile and those mesmerizing eyes, Trevor could see how easily Reed was able to disarm those around him.

“I’ve got your beer coming,” the bartender said in Trevor’s general direction before turning to Reed. “What can I get you, sir?”

Reed’s eyes stayed trained on Trevor as he replied, “I think I would like a bottle of your finest champagne and two glasses, please. You know,” he said to Trevor, “I’ve met you before. At your graduation with Rylie. It’s hard to believe that the lanky kid I met all those years ago grew up to be such a handsome man.”

The compliment startled Trevor, his stupid nerves making his hand shake until he sloshed a drop of beer from his bottle as he rested it on the bar top. He quickly glanced around, wondering if Brody had approached. It made better sense that Reed’s compliment had been directed toward his buddy. The bartender chuckled. And still, that intense stare of Reed’s was focused just on him.

“Will you join me? It’s difficult to toast alone,” Reed asked, though he didn’t wait for Trevor’s answer. He took the bottle, quickly popping the cork, and poured a glass of champagne. Reed handed the glass to Trevor. If for nothing more than something to occupy his hands, Trevor took the flute, setting it next to his cold beer on the bar. He was so out of his element in this conversation with this man that he felt three steps behind everything Reed suggested. It didn’t seem to stop Reed; he filled his glass, turned his gaze back to Trevor, and lifted his flute in the air.

“To Rylie and Elise. Two souls with but a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one. May they have a loving marriage and a happy home filled with the sounds of children’s laughter.” Reed reached across the bar and clinked their glasses together before taking a long drink. Trevor was slower to lift his glass to his lips. “I have to say, Rylie’s a very lucky man. He fell in love with his childhood best friend. Elise in return is a lucky woman, because we all know a good man is hard to find.” Reed inclined his head as he lifted one of his perfectly arched brows. A mischievous grin parted his full lips. “But as I’ve always said…a hard man is a much better find.”