I’ve done something I want to share with you and while I was doing it, my pants were totally on and I didn’t mind one single bit.   That’s my new measure of greatness.

The last weekish has been a little emotional for me, but also deeply gratifying and I just need to spread this message.

Everyone knows I’ve experienced what I consider great loss. I’ve been very honest about my struggles. You guys have helped me through dark days which I’m forever grateful – you know all that. Recently, my friend and a person who’s part of our editing team, Pam Ebeler, told me about a group on Facebook called Soul 2 Soul. I could tell by her voice when she was describing her experience that she had strong emotions about her reading – Soul 2 Soul is a Spiritual Reading group. (There are lots of rules and I don’t want to butcher them, but s2s is a facebook group that offers free readings as well as some paid for options. It also seems very supportive. Check out their pinned post at the top of the group for all the details.)

What I can say with all certainty about S2S and Tracy who connected with Kindle, she was so spot on with her reading/information that I just need to introduce anyone who is interested in this type thing to this group. I know that Tracy was absolutely speaking to Kindle. She was truly remarkable.

Here’s the link to join. If you do look into the group, and need a friend after you’re done, I’ll be here. And this took time. There was some waiting patiently on my end, but it was so worth that wait. My testimony has been left in the group.

Thank you so much for always being wonderful! Big hugs!