It’s that time of year again! Secret’s Blog Tour and Giveaway!
This time we have two giveaway options. One is for the standard blog tour giveaway, just fill it out for your chance to win. The other giveaway is tracking the five part bonus scene. That’s a little bit trickier. Five times throughout the blog tour a random blog will post a continuation scene. There’s a special rafflecopter on each blog for just the Scavenger Hunt. Once you find a scene, fill out that rafflecopter with the required information. You will have up to five chances to win!
Also, please everyone who reads these reviews, please give a simple comment to the reviewer. These bloggers work so hard and are very generous with their time. We couldn’t do this without them.
Day 1
Can we give special love to Shey’s Book Cave? Her son’s been in the hospital. Lots of prayers going her way.
Day 2
Day 4 – pay special attention to today – fill out the second rafflecopter.
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9 Secret Blog Tour!
Day 10
Day 11  Secret Blog Tour!
Good morning!
Day 12 of the Secret Blog Tour