One of the first people I met when I started reviewing was Denise Milano Sprung. When Up in Arms came out – our first MM – we learned the hard way about mean-spirited, ugly reviews. The book did surprisingly well, but man, some of the reviews were vicious. Denise gave us a 3.5 star review, stated the things she liked and didnt like about the story, but the review was so professionally done, I broke the code of conduct rules for reviewing and sent her a thank you note. It sparked a friendship I’ll be forever grateful for.

Soon after, Denise started a blog. We released our ‘about me’ section and she read it. We found out we had more in common than we thought. When someone tragically dies in your life – not just a parent getting older and slipping away, but a true ripping someone violently from your life kind of experience – I have found people talk to each other differently. It’s hard to explain unless you have lived it. Denise talked to me that way.

Her brother died a violent, tragic death that came out of nowhere. I knew her pain. Since then, she’s worked endlessly at raising money to help find a cure and cause. I joined in her efforts. I believe in her cause. Life can be so hard.

Last year I was approached by Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert to do an Anthology for charity. They wanted to donate to a couple of charities, but one in particular was Suicide Prevention. It was risky for them to include us in the venture – we all know people have strong feelings about gay fiction. We added three more authors and created the Night Shift Anthology. It’s six brand new Novellas with all the proceeds donated to charity. (100% of the dollars are being donated to three different charities). It was a huge undertaking that has produced one of the books I’m most proud of in our line of works. The lineup includes Sawyer Bennett, Brenda Rothert, Chelle Bliss, Eden Winters, Toni Aleo and us.

Please take a second to look it over, consider the purchase and let me know what you think.