(Tattoos and Ties, Book 4)


The toughest journeys lead to the most amazing adventures…  Let’s ride. 

Special Agent Cash Ryan broke the cardinal rule of undercover work: he fell hard for his federal informant. The sexy, hardheaded, foul-mouthed outlaw biker who regularly takes matters into his own hands, leaving Cash scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Anarchy is more than a way of life for Devin Fox, it’s fused into his DNA. When he agrees to help Cash, he knows his special brand of chaos is the only way to get the answers they seek. And his attraction to the secret agent makes keeping them both alive more important by the day.

As the facts of the operation begin to unfold, they fight both sides to find the truth. When a shift in balance emerges, will they be able to tip the scales of justice in their favor or will they be buried under all the chaos?

The final installment in the Tattoos and Ties series, Justice is a suspenseful motorcycle club romance with strong male leads. If you like sexy alpha males who take on the world for the one they love and intriguing storylines with many twists and turns, give Justice a try. 

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“Is five star’s seriously enough, absolutely not. Justice by Kindle Alexander is just that amazing.”

Elizabeth Clinton

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“The stories have depth, hot steamy scenes and equally hot guys….All in all if you haven’t read Kindle Alexander you are missing out big time…” 


Goodreads Reviewer

“Fantastic writing from an author who knows how to spin a story in a direction you didn’t see coming. #RelationshipGoals Dev will win you over with every bipolar beat of his heart.” 

Jenna Underwood




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♡  Excerpt  ♡


Chapter 1

The rich leathery scent of Dev’s favorite cologne, Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford, wafted through the air surrounding Cashin James. Honestly, from the first moment he’d caught a whiff of the spicy, woodsy fragrance on the sexy biker, it had become his favorite too.

Cash tilted his head to watch the object of his desire come swaggering inside, looking just as sinful as his nickname implied: Devilman. A man so tempting, with one well-placed wink, he cast a spell on anyone who crossed his path.

With all his effortless sex appeal, Dev locked eyes with Cash and gave a perfected grin. That was all it took for his heart to leap from his chest and flutter around excitedly.

What Cash knew that literally every other person on the planet didn’t was that his devil wasn’t as evil as rumored to be. He was a kind and generous man. Considerate and loving to his core. Cash’s perfect lover and even better life partner.

“Hard day?” Cash asked.

“You make every fuckin’ day harder than it has to be,” Dev declared harshly, his direct gait zeroing in on Cash. His dick swelled at the heat in his lover’s gaze. The way Cash was manhandled into a full body hug had him pressing closer to his guy. Dev slid strong fingers into the front pieces of Cash’s hair, ruffling the strands onto his forehead just how the biker liked.

Abigail and Mae, Dev’s two daughters, appeared as if from thin air. Mae jumped up and down, happy to see her beloved dad. Cash had grown to adore those little girls.

He reared back to take a closer look at Dev. Tall, dark blond hair, a handsome face with a strong jaw, dark T-shirt, vintage jeans, boots that leaned more motorcycle than work. He wore leather and silver jewelry, all straps and chains lining his wrists and neck. Sexy as sin.

The tattoos began to dance under his inspection.

Cash’s brows dropped in confusion the longer he watched the tattoos move and rearrange themselves. That wasn’t right.

Shit, he was dreaming again.

As if scenic panels dropped from the sky, the backdrop to their world suddenly changed. They were no longer inside the house but instead in a well-manicured backyard. Dev no longer held him. Cash was bent over a row of flowerpots, his hands working the potting soil. The girls’ fingers were there too, helping him repot something…

“Of course, you’re dreamin’. When did I ever smell that good?” Dev’s grin turned mocking as he reached down to pick up Mae, hoisting her onto his hip where she generally rested.

Wake up. You know how this ends.

Suddenly, the earth shook beneath his feet, followed by the explosive sounds of a bomb detonating close by. Cash instinctively ducked and turned toward the sonic boom, trying to make sense of what was happening, only to be met with utter darkness. The inky blackness crept toward him with malevolent intent.

Mae’s scream had Cash fighting against an evil trying to consume him but failing to reach her. Dev’s handsome features twisted into agony. He protectively slung Mae behind him, grabbing for Abigail as blood began to stain the center of his T-shirt.

Their gazes locked. Dev’s stunned expression sent shards of ice rippling through his heart. He was helpless to intervene, forced to watch as the beautiful chaos that once danced in Dev’s bright blue eyes dimmed. Dev crumpled to the concrete.

Russian chatter echoed in the distance.

Cash jerked his head. His nose struck something hard. Adrenaline shot through his body as his eyelids opened wide.

It wasn’t real. Only a terrifying dream.

The effects of the nightmare slowly faded as he took in his surroundings.

Dev was nude and sat casually with his back against the wall, a tablet balancing on one thigh. His biker was safe and warm even with a Texas Norther raging outside, blanketing Dallas in a thick layer of ice.

Somehow, the frigid air hadn’t reached Dev’s small bedroom. Quite remarkable for a drafty old home that had been haphazardly refurbished into four small apartment units.

In sleep, Cash had snuggled around one of Dev’s legs. Not abnormal. They slept huddled up together every night, but for the last week, he’d been more possessive and needy than usual. He was crazed with all these inner protective urges making him act like a caveman at any given time.

Concern replaced the startled expression on Dev’s face.

This was the fourth night in a row he’d dreamed of Dev being shot. Just like every other time, the realness of the nightmare had his heart pounding fearfully. The foreboding images were too real to shake.

Dev’s expression as blood seeped from his chest wound, the excruciating loss as he watched his lover’s life slip away… Anguish and helplessness made Cash frantic inside. He couldn’t let go of the unseen evil intent on taking what he cherished the most in the blink of an eye.

“What the fuck, secret agent man?” Dev asked.

He couldn’t hold Dev’s stare. The image of the man in his dream didn’t hold weight to the naked one staring at him as if he’d grown two heads. Whatever Dev tried to convey with his expression, his cock told the real story. Cash couldn’t remember ever being in the bedroom at a time when Dev was both naked and flaccid.

He must be freaking Dev out.

Hell, he was freaking himself out.

“Another bad dream?” Dev asked.