It’s Complicated


(A Reservations Nightclub Story, Book 2)

Nightclub manager Julian Cullen runs Reservations with impeccable precision and a deep sense of pride. But repressed memories from his abduction two years ago surface, leaving him struggling emotionally. Julian vows to reclaim his previous life but doesn’t factor in the biggest distraction of all: the handsome cowboy hanging around the club intent on gaining his attention. 

Entrepreneur Beckett St. Clair built an industry-leading survivalist training company through hard work and dedication. The tough as nails outdoorsman can navigate any situation or so he thinks…A chance encounter with a guarded night club manager leaves him tumbling head over heels into uncharted territory.

One man is lost to his past, the other dreams of a future.

Both men will soon find out love is never easy…it’s complicated.

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“When looking for that love story that has all the feels and more, grab It’s Complicated. Every word is brilliantly-written and the myriad of emotions you’ll encounter will fill your soul like nothing else. 5++++++ stars all the way!”

MJ Loves To Read

“Whenever I pick up a book written by Kindle Alexander I know I am going to be reading a book that will draw many varied emotions from me; It’s Complicated was no exception. The characters have a great deal of depth and I fell hard for both Julian Cullen and Beckett St Clair.”

Erin Lewis, Thelma and Louise Book Blog


It’s Complicated

Book 2

♡  Excerpt  ♡


What the hell? Levi had been instantly drawn in then struck dumb by those intense brown eyes staring back at him. The smoldering movie-star good looks completely caught him off guard too, but it was the scorching heat of the mirrored attraction climbing up his body and exploding through his veins that made his knees weak. Since day one of working there, nobody had asked his name. Levi started to say something, wanted to say something, but what came out wasn’t anything close to the English language.

His voice broke with that same mortifying croak as before, so he snapped his mouth shut and basically froze in place, feeling like an idiot. His muscles refused to move, even though all he wanted to do was escape his humiliation. He now had a complete understanding of the old saying, “like a deer in headlights.” He stood there for God knew how long, lost in amused, whisky-colored eyes, unable to remember his own name. Finally, the burning in his lungs won out, and he sucked in a breath, his brain coming online in the process, and he quickly lowered his eyes to the floor.

“Levi,” he all but whispered and didn’t attempt another word. Instead, he turned away, but in his haste to escape the sexiest man in the room, he bumped into another table, knocking the tray out of his hand. So much for playing it cool.

“I’m s-sorry,” he stuttered, managing to save the customer’s drink before it tipped over. “I’m so sorry. I’m such a klutz.” He bent to pick up the tray and pad that he’d dropped. His cheeks burned from the embarrassment and his body heated for an entirely different reason. He’d been blindsided by the new guy in his section, thrown off balance.

Stupidly, in his bent over position, he looked back and got an upside-down view of the hottest man he’d ever seen still watching him make a fool of himself. He grabbed the tray, straightened, and fought the urge to see if those eyes were still on him. He tucked the tray under his arm and took off, determined to fill the drink order. He would not turn around and take another look. He wouldn’t. Absolutely not.

Morbid curiosity won out over anything rational, and he snuck that one last glance over his shoulder. All the guy’s attention remained on him, and damn it, if he didn’t stumble over his own feet when he tried to walk off again. He was cursed, that was the only explanation he had for the crap that happened to him.

Tunnel vision and nervous energy were the only things that got him to the bar. He tried to take control of his breathing before his heart beat straight out of his chest. What just happened back there?

“You okay?” Quinn asked. Levi didn’t even know how to respond to that question. No, he wasn’t okay; his body was not cooperating. In fact, it was betraying him at the moment, reminding him of junior high all over again.

He looked over at Quinn and another server named Chase and shook his head at them before he looked down, embarrassed by what had drawn Chase’s attention. Shit, Chase was staring at his rock-hard dick. He dropped his hand and adjusted himself in a vain attempt to hide the full-blown evidence of his interest in nothing but a tight pair of skimpy underwear.

“Damn! Who’s the lucky guy?”

Quinn immediately looked toward his station; Levi unwisely turned back too. His gaze connected with the handsome customer, and the earth shifted under his feet. He quickly turned away, gripping the edge of the bar, squeezing his fingers tight, trying to get a hold of himself.

“Dude! Thane’s sitting in your section. He tips like a boss! You’re gonna bank tonight.”

He heard the words, but they didn’t register. Levi looked over at his friend, confused. “Who’s Thane?”

“What’d you need, Levi?” the bartender asked. He dropped his head to his hand and shoved his order pad in the bartender’s direction. For almost two weeks, he’d dodged every advance, declined lucrative offers from men he found extremely attractive but hadn’t been truly interested in. He honestly hadn’t been into anyone. Until right now. He’d made a complete spectacle of himself because some hot guy wanted to know his name. How pathetic was that?

“Is that for Thane?”

“Who’s Thane?” he asked, raising his head to look at Ricco.

“The owner of Reservations,” the bartender answered and pointed to his section. As if in slow motion, Levi turned to see the man who had caused his body to betray him, was the very same man he’d heard mentioned so many times in the locker room, the one Julian had said such good things about, the same one that almost every waiter in this place wanted a chance to fuck. The sexy guy he’d made a fool of himself in front of was Thane…his boss’s boss.