GRL 2014 Update!

Day 1

GRL is offically forked this year. The conference was incredible. Everything ran so smoothly and you can tell the time and effort put into making this such a nice event. A really big JOB WELL DONE to those coordinators and volunteers – you can feel the love and dedication put into making this happen. They’ve got this thing down.
We got there Tuesday – last Tuesday, a day or two before the event. Dress Barn had their sweater sale again this year and when we arrived, it was chilly with driving, pouring rain. YAY! (Remember, rain is water that falls from the sky – we dont get much of cold or rain in Dallas unless its Superbowl weekend.)The drive to the conference took about two hours, which was only about 30 miles from the airport. Glad to see other people don’t drive well in the rain. It was dark, cold and wet and we’re thinking we are completely lost in a neighborhood when this huge hotel pops out of nowhere. It’s incredible – I’m not sure they could have picked a better place.
We arrived to a lobby full of people. Sandrine and AE were right there ready to greet us. Their such beautiful people – inside and out. So we have cold, wet, beautiful hotel and beautiful people right when we walked in. I really thought that My God had clearly kissed this event. No lie until we met them for dinner. Then I knew he had.

We unpacked, met Sandrine and AE Via in the grill and they were sitting with Ethan DAY, TA Chase, Devon Rhodes and ten other fangirl authors. I’m a reader – the moment was incredible and that was all before we saw AE Via’s arms. I have pictures that’ll post. She’s gorgeous and now tatt’ed up. Love that woman and her Blue Moon beer!
More to come!

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Day 2

Day two of GRL – dont judge me, I’m late. Day two of GRL started after spending most of the previous night in the bar.What felt like something around five in the morning I get a phone call from a very excited Laurel Ratliff Looney. (I’ve learned since then that she is always that way – just incredibly positive all of the time. Her glass is most definitely half full every day in most situations. I love that.) Laurel was there, dropped off by her husband and she was ready to get this day started!

Since the conference didnt beginning until the next day, sweet Laurel waited patiently for us to dress, because she did call at 3:30 in the morning (I get I changed it). And I swear that woman fit with us like she were a long time friend totally proving my theroy that we are friends on here, not just readers/writers that it seems. So Facebook and Twitter and GoodReads clearly rocks at building friendships.

After some shopping and lunch we drove to Midway to pick up a very traumatized Valerie Degeorge. She hates flying alone. So in a few short hours we got to meet friends we havent seen before. I’m going to say, this might be the best part of the whole GRL experience. (Well that and Rebecca Johnsonand Kathie Smestad and Lin Richardson!)

And honestly Laurel and Valerie were very kind to us. It was very sweet. UntilSandrine Gasq Dion bought in Jordan Levine and Caleb Strong. Both of our “friends” forgot us in a New York second.
Highlights of day two which I’m going back to day one for a second. I got to see the wonderful Jessie Potts when I first came in. Love that woman. She is truly kind and sweet and I’m so lucky to know her. Day two, once Laurel and Valerie ditched us for the guys, we ran into Amy Lane. That women couldnt be sweeter and more funny. I hope we get to know her better. I got to spend time with Reese Dante and Ron. They are incredible people and I love them both, plus I got books and a coffee mug which I’ll cherish forever. I saw Carol Lynne from a distance – fangirled.

Once in the bar that night I got the wonderful privilege of accidentally meeting the very funny Tammy Middleton, Morticia Knight, Karen and spending more time with AE Via (I thought she was nice, but I’m very unclear if that’s true because I think she secretly wants William Levy to be hers. Then we will have to fist fight.) Overall, this might have been the very best day of the conference! Pictures to be posted in the comments!