Closet Confession

Closet Confession

Dr. Derek Babineaux is intelligent, dedicated, and one of the best ER physicians in the fast-paced world of critical care at University Medical in New Orleans. Always on top of his game, he’s thrown off balance when the newest staff member finally unleashes his hidden desires.

Justin Delacroix’s job at the inner city’s busiest hospital might be just what he needs to ease back into civilian life after a long stint in the military. High-preforming shifts make working as a trauma nurse at UMC the perfect way to utilize his skills and quick reaction times. There’s only one problem, his attraction for one sexy ER doctor is off the charts, but he has his reasons for not returning Dr. Baby’s night shift advances. Or maybe he doesn’t.

Closet Confession is a short story with added bonus material. 

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Derek & Justin = A Perfect Match

Elizabeth Clinton


“I didn’t have the opportunity to read Closet Confession when it was featured in the Night Shift, so happy I waited to read it with the bonus material. Hands down I love everything that Kindle writes. She just makes it so easy to fall in love with her characters that you feel a personal connection to each and everyone of them. I loved Justin & Derek.”

Author Mary A. Wasowski

“Wow, this was a GREAT novella. I loved everything about this story. Justin’s history and his difficulties with his partner, the hospital setting, Dr. Babineaux’s aunt, the great, flirty nurses. It was all done so well and so perfectly woven to create a great, romantic, sweet (and HAWT) story!”

Author Christi Snow

♡  Excerpt  ♡


The move had him facing out the front window of the bar where he could see the busy street on the other side of the glass. A large group of people meandered on the sidewalk in front of the nightclub. His eyes drifting from person to person until his gaze landed on a trim, tanned, muscular form crossing the street. He walked briskly and kept his head down as he stepped up onto the sidewalk. Derek watched as the guy stopped, pausing briefly before turning to look back across the street toward the direction he’d just come.

He might be waiting for someone. The best Derek could tell, the guy was alone. After a few seconds, the mystery man finally turned his head toward the window, as if he could feel the weight of Derek’s gaze. At that moment Derek’s body instantly went on notice and his dick fucking jumped to attention. The guy was gorgeous!

No way the guy could see Derek from this angle. From where Derek sat, it was as if the handsome man’s eyes bore right through the glass to his soul. Ruggedly good-looking with a sexy hot, close-cropped military haircut. Derek was off his chair in a flash. Eyes stayed riveted to the man outside as he hurried through the bar, hoping to intercept him. He upped his pace and jogged toward the front doors when the guy went out of the windows range.

The humid night air hit him as he glanced around the overly crowded Bourbon street in search of his mystery man. Frantic, he scanned the mass of people until he saw the guy a short distance ahead. He slowed, walking a couple of steps behind the man and admiring the view.

He was tall, at least as tall as Derek, and well-defined, that perfect bubble butt swaying with each step taken. When did wearing walking shorts, a T-shirt, and flip-flops become sexy as hell?

Quickly adjusting the hard-on tightening his jeans, Derek quickened his pace, sidling up next to the guy, matching his stride.